Wow, I found insane hidden secrets in these movie posters

Marvel comic is the one has easter eggs for most of the superhero movies. It’s no doubt many honest Marvel fans have already got used to waiting for the easter egg till the end, so do I. It’s of great fun in finding hidden messages from movie scenes, posters. Like nuggets dig to gold.

What‘s an easter egg in movies ?

A movie easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a scene or a movie poster. The name is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt. And honestly movie fans enjoy finding secret messages. Usually an easter egg is shown after the movie story ends. Some director will put into a special scene to show some relevant meaningful things. And also some subliminal messages about the movie will be designed into the propaganda posters.

Most movie posters are designed related to one main character of its story or role. This kind of message is obvious to almost everyone. They usually make it related to a key factor of the movie. And some other posters are designed to make fun of jokes.


1. Looper (2012)

The poster is designed like a normal ambiguous picture. Actually, if you look into it, something will surprise you that the positive face is from young Joe( presented by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and shot from the side of the picture, it’s the old Joe’s(Bruce Willis)face. It’s a little difficult to figure it out because Joseph was faked make-up to look like Bruce. Only have watched the movie, you’ll feel something about the hidden secret in Looper’s poster.


2. The Silence of the Lambs(1991)


The poster shows a butterfly stopping Foster’s mouth, horrible as the movie itself. and then take a closer look…

and a little more closer…

Let’s enlarger it…

 It’s a photo of naked women from 1951, “In Voluptas Mors”. shot by Philippe Halsman.


3. 10 Cloverfield Lane(2015)

A glance shows someone trapped in a postbox-bunker, absolutely it’s the leading role in the story. And if you look into the mailbox sticker, it wrote “Megan” with a heart icon, an ordinary name to you,right? But once you’ve gone through the film, you’ll realize the relevance. It’s a mysterious woman’s name and the writer doesn’t explain what happened to her. Maybe that’s part of the mystery story. I regard it as another J.J. Abrams style movie. Check out the poster below and see if you can spot any more.


4. Orphan(2009)


I wonder if you feel the same strange about the girl(Actually she’s a woman) in the Orphan movie poster? A movie fan guy pointed out on Quora that the girl’s face is perfectly symmetrical. Half of her face has been mirrored to form a whole face. Things that look too over perfect from outside may very well cause trouble. That’s exactly what the movie tried to tell us. It hurts even worse when the guy you trusted to be honest lied to you terribly.

One more thing I’m still curious about is the only lower case “r” in the movie name “OrPHAN”. Does that mean anything?


5. The Truman Show (1988)


The Truman Show was a greatest movie in the 1990s. It’s so creative and surprising. One of The Truman Show movie posters shows a big smile face of Truman. You’ll find it’s a puzzle of his lifetime screen shot after enlarging the poster. Everything goes peacefully until that day the truth comes out from the cover. What’s lamentable is that his name “Truman” already has told us he’s the only one being true. I bet you had felt the same sad way with me when Truman found his door out there.

6.The Usual Suspects (1995)
I love this brain-storm movie! And I also love Kevin Spyce’s wonderful performance. It’s not just about the smart and amazing story-telling, but also the clever movie poster design. It’s just as usual as other simple posters, some normal footprints walking straight. Here is the secret: if you drag your mouse tab up watching the poster, they become changeable moving footprints. You may still have the question on your mind “what on earth does that change stand for?”. Yep, you’ll ask that way all because you haven’t watched the movie!  Don’t you find the footprints are getting normal, like a lame man turning into a usual walk? That’s also a key point in the movie!
7.Legend (2015)
It’s a latest movie of Tom Hardy. He played the two main roles and performed well separately. Actually, the hidden secret in this movie poster is not about the story itself. Instead, It’s a famous movie review site . The guardian gave a 2 star out of 5 on the movie Legend. The Legend official didn’t strike back, on the contrary, they still used it as a poster design element. They put the 2-star review between the two “Tom Hardy” and make it looks like not just 2 stars, the others are covered by heads. If I don’t pick it out, you guys may regard it as other 5 star reviews from other Media.You can’t deny it’s such a bold successful design idea!
8.The Prestige (2006)
You might have to move your head back to get a further look at the post. The hidden words”The Pledge” “The Turn” will show up like a magic trick when your head backward, and turn disappeared when you head forward.(P.S don’t watch it straight for too long, you’ll get dizzy….)
9.Fight Club (1999)
This one is more invisible. I tried and tilted my computer screen, only found the sentence and other names. But it’s really hard to figure out the man image in black. I couldn’t get it clearly like the photo below, could you?
(P.S If you didn’t get it, just tilt your screen a bit)
Most of you might have a strong impression on this movie. Brie Larson won the 88th Oscar Best Actress Reward as of her great performance in this movie. And also the children played a stand-out role. The movie poster shows the mother and son under a blue sky. Very warm scene, right?
You will definitely change your thinking after finishing the move. We’re all blinded by the poster design. It’s just the wallpaper of blue sky in the room where they’re imprisoned.
Do you find any other movie poster with hidden secrets?
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